Hello Again Internet


This isn’t the first time I’ve had a personal website. The previous one started as a hobby of mine when I was nine and in grade 5. My inner geek found the internet fascinating and I wanted to be on it. The website was designed in the good ol’ FrontPage program by Microsoft. I packed the pages full of cool videos, game cheats, images and links, then shared my website with friends at school when we had computer class. I even went to the extent of designing a poster and putting it up in my classroom and in the computer lab.

As the years progressed I learned more about CSS, and web standards, allowing me to build a more “sophisticated” website. I emphasize the word “sophisticated” because all it was, was static html pages, barely utilizing a linked stylesheet, and later on, a static php website. In hindsight I couldn’t believe how big of a nerd I was, but more importantly, I had the drive and devotion to learn and apply myself towards a medium that many people of my age at that time didn’t even attempt.

Unfortunately a combination of me losing interest and not wanting to pay for the web hosting any more allowed the website to slip off of the internet at the beginning of 2009. The source files hopefully still reside on some hard drive in my parents house.

Even though the content and coding was primitive and limited, it got me interested in coding, bringing me to where I am today: a university student studying computer science.


After having built up a portfolio of website and visual design work from previous jobs and school work, and the fact that I’ll be competing to be an intern at a company this upcoming summer is why I’m reclaiming a slice of the internet for myself.

I plan on including my CV and a portion of my portfolio on this website, as well as doing the whole blog thing, providing constructive commentary on topics that interest me, most likely in the spectrum of computer science.