Joking around with my roommate who works in an embedded computing software and hardware company, we started cracking jokes about the day Friday.

His form of the common expression TGIF, is FPGA-Friday at his workplace. FPGAs are so commonplace that everyone takes out their FPGAs and geeks out with each other at the end of the day.

FPGA-Friday just rolls off the tongue.

Photo from raggle.

Work Reference

So I asked my boss a little while ago If I could use him as a work reference. Here is his response after he got a call from my landlord:

I just got a call from [landlord name] (not sure how you spell that) for a reference.

I said that she should only rent out the place if you promised to quit school and come work full time, and that we were paying you way too much money so she should charge a lot of rent.

I also mentioned that she should under no circumstances ask you how to fix her router.

My boss is one of a kind.